Dear Music Lovers.

Dear Music Lovers,

Rasulullah SAW Said;

“Among my ummah there will certainly be people who Permit:

– Zinā
– Silk
– Alcohol
– Musical instrument
(Sahih Bukhari)

• Wallahi Music is Haram
(Q31:6, Q53:59-61 & many Hadiths)

• Stop listening to it, it’s from Shaytān⚠️


You think it’s soothing your soul, but it’s not.

• It
– hardens
– clouds
– grow Hypocrisy in the Heart
– can lead to other sins e.g zina

• Make it a room for Shaytān to stay & hence take control of you

• It’s Haram no matter how normalized it’s today.

Pls repent🤲



Duk wanda kaga Allah ya halitta a Doron Duniya Fari, Baki, kyakkyawa, Mummuna, Dogo, Gajere, Siriri, Mai jiki koma wani iri ne to Akwai dalilinda yasa Allah yayishi haka..

Kowa kagani akwai baiwar da Allah ya masa, karka raina kowa karka aibata halittar kowa..

Shawara Ce👌

Ya Allah grant me a good spouse
Ya Allah grant me a job
Ya Allah grant me a good car
Ya Allah grant me a good house

Some of us make mistakes when making du’a,Yes its good to ask for all that but be concerned of ur akhira too
Ask for forgiveness
For Jannah, etc
Not just job & car

My people

I’m thanks to any body please make we do election fine with out fighting if someone say may he money to fight told him may he do it by himself. Thanks My people. And done thing for snackingvote ballo paper because snackforyouronrisk.